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What if the car glass freezes

2018-05-12 20:48:23

A senior driving school instructor said that in winter, car owners will turn on the air conditioning, and after parking, most people will turn off the air conditioning and leave the vehicle. At this time, the temperature outside the car is low, the temperature difference between the inside and outside the car is large, and the front windshield is easily filled with water beads. At night, when the temperature is below zero, thick ice accumulates on the front windshield. Like the method of pouring warm water on the glass, the driving instructor thinks it is very risky. Because the warm water temperature is difficult to master, the slightest mistake will damage the glass, it is recommended that you do not use. In addition, using a wiper to remove ice is easy to damage the wiper and the rubber strip in it.


Glass frost shovel




Antifreeze solution


Plastic scraper


Windshield companion


Method 1: Before locking the car the night before, open all the doors, discharge the hot air in the car, reduce the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the car, and reduce the possibility of ice in the front windshield.


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Method 3: Spray the front windshield with antifreeze. The freezing point of antifreeze must be low, put it in a small watering can, and spray the antifreeze outside the front windshield after parking at night. When you drive the next morning, just wipe it with a cloth.


Method 4: The simplest and most economical way is to cover up with a windshield companion that is currently sold on the market, and people around each other tell each other that they have bought one on the Internet. It is made of national environmental protection materials, resistant to minus 40 degrees low temperature, double-sided frost and snow, just gently cover, gently uncover in the morning, fold it in the bag, hot car can set off. Save time and fuel. For cold days do not want to reach out to their own toss, and love clean owners, is the best choice.