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What is the role of the Prime Meridian and the Greenwich Observatory?

2018-05-15 08:00:38

Anyone who has ever been to school has learned about the Greenwich Observatory and the Prime Meridian. This requirement to memorize the geographical content, almost memorized people can not forget even how many years.




The Greenwich Observatory in the United Kingdom has played an important role in the construction of so many years, which shows how high the level of the construction of it at that time. Probably not even the builders thought.


What we learned in the textbooks, those are the names that stick in our memory. The Greenwich Observatory and the prime Meridian. Now let's take a closer look at the observatory's international status.


Greenwich Observatory is a comprehensive observatory built by King Charles II of England in 1675, originally to solve the needs of fleets at sea to determine longitude.


In 1884, the International Longitude Conference decided that the meridian passing through the Greenwich Observatory was to be identified as the standard reference meridian for global time and longitude measurement, also known as the 0° longitude or prime meridian.


This zero degree longitude divides the earth into two halves, the eastern and western hemispheres. Places east of the prime Meridian are one day later than places west of the prime Meridian. International date line, actual time difference of one hour.


It is located in the Royal Greenwich Gardens on the banks of the Thames in London. The building is currently part of the National Maritime Museum.

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