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What should I do if the car seal is unglued

2018-05-13 03:12:14

What should I do if the seal is unglued? Next, Xiaobian will introduce you to the specific method, I hope to help you.


Small screwdriver, 401 special glue


First of all, we need to prepare the tools and glue needed to fix the seal, a small screwdriver, a bottle of 401 special glue, and then ready to start the operation.


The surface of the sealing strip after opening the glue is treated, so that the place of opening the glue should be smooth, there are no folds, otherwise the sealing effect will not be good, the surface treatment is smooth, the adhesive is sticky, and the overall beauty will be greatly improved.


Open the 401 special glue, and then drop the glue on the head of the small screwdriver, do not glue the sealing strip directly, to avoid the glue leakage, dripping on the car body, which is very difficult to deal with.


After the small screwdriver drops glue, we use the right hand to hold the sealing strip after the opening of the glue, and the left hand to apply the glue on the small screwdriver bit by bit to the opening place, in accordance with the order from top to bottom, step by step.


Where the glue has been applied, use your hand to place the car seal in a good position, and the original mark should match, and then use your hand to press for a while, and the seal will stick.


Stick down bit by bit until all the parts that fall off are glued, and then we press the sealing strip of the car with our hands, so that the parts that fall off will stick more firmly, friends who encounter this problem, try it yourself!

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