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Which one would you choose?

2018-02-20 08:00:00

Home decoration is not a finished product trading industry, but belongs to customized products. Although different from the high-end customization of other customization industries, decoration is a national customization industry that fully covers high and low levels, but regardless of luxury and expensive or affordable, every home belongs to private customization. In order to pretend to fit your home, choosing the right customization method becomes the most important thing. At present, the customization mode of home decoration mainly includes clear package, half package, and full package mode. Today, we will introduce the advantages and disadvantages between them in detail, so that you can choose. Decoration mode 1: The construction side arranges all the craftsmen and masters, and is responsible for the various auxiliary materials required for the project, such as: cement, river sand, putty powder, etc. By the customer to purchase their own decorative main materials, such as tiles, wood floors, doors, sanitary ware, cabinets, etc. In the case of bespoke clothing, the customer buys the fabric themselves, but the buttons, zippers and other accessories are made by the sewing company. Which customers are suitable for this decoration mode: 1, the decoration of the main material has a certain ability to identify; 2, have a special preference for the brand of materials; 3, willing to pay some time and energy to buy materials; 4, have a certain understanding of the material market, the price of materials also have a certain understanding, you can ensure that they are not cheated by bad material suppliers. Friends who choose this decoration mode need to pay attention to: 1, to buy their own decorative materials, to take a lot of energy and time, if the purchase is not timely, but also easy to miss work; 2, the quality of the material is not guaranteed. If you are not a real professional, you often have only a partial understanding of how to choose decorative materials, little understanding of the texture and use of materials, and it is easy to buy low-quality and high-price materials; 3, due to the small number of materials purchased, can not enjoy the wholesale price provided by the materials, often the price is higher; 4, once there is a quality problem in the project, it is the process quality problem or the material quality caused by the responsibility is not clear; 5, the owner of the household to buy their own materials, prone to workers in the construction of waste phenomenon. Friendly tips: Many friends think that half package than full package save money, this is a misunderstanding. Why? If you think about it seriously, it is easy to understand: large-scale decoration such as No. 1 home because of the large number of starts, the amount of material used is naturally large, therefore, you can directly cooperate with material producers, that is to say, the price of goods! Even if the decoration will profit from it, but because to grasp the overall cost, this price will never be higher than the customer to buy it himself. Of course, this is only for large, small or repair teams can not reach a certain number of shipments, they can only take goods at the retail price, if they take profits from it, the total price will naturally be high. Decoration mode two: All materials and labor are included in the decoration, and the cost of materials and labor is reported uniformly by the decoration. As long as the owner can pay, this way saves time and effort. Take custom clothing as an example, that is, you only need to ask the sewing master to measure you, and tell the other side what kind of clothes you want to make, and then the rest is handed over to the other side, waiting for the clothes to be finished, and pay to take the clothes. Which customers are suitable for this decoration mode: 1, the work is very busy, there is not enough time and energy to allocate to the decoration; 2, time and energy are very valuable, not willing to work hard in order to decorate; 3, believe in "specialized" decoration or to the decoration of professionals to deal with I am more assured; 4, my home is far from the building materials market, the traffic is not convenient; 5, I know nothing about decoration materials; 6, my home decoration project is very complex, need to buy a lot of decorative materials to choose this decoration model of friends need to pay attention to is: due to the current decoration market chaos, some small home improvement lack of integrity. The price and variety of materials on the market are complex, and most owners know little about it, so once the construction party falsely reports the price, or joins hands with the material supplier to cheat, it is difficult for the owner to distinguish. Solution: Identify the credit degree of decoration, choose the strength of the big. Large or well-known decoration in the entire decoration process service is very good, including in the later maintenance will also do very well, generally speaking, their credibility will be relatively high, choose this type of decoration will of course be much more assured than small. In addition: to choose this way, we must make the contract close, in addition to the rationality of the audit of the costs, but also to indicate the brand, model, color of the main materials they need, in the construction process can be checked and confirmed, if the construction party is a small decoration or construction guerrilla, it is best to ask a supervisor to monitor the construction of the whole process, so as to avoid the construction party to steal the material, shoestring. At the same time, in addition to signing the city's unified decoration contract, you can also sign a supplementary contract to clarify the rights. Decoration model three: The bag is to ask workers, and buy all the decoration materials, all the materials, not only the floor tiles, wood flooring these main materials, even cement river sand, even small to a screw, a hinge are purchased by themselves. If you take customized clothing as an example, it is by the customer to buy their own good fabric, buy good buttons, zippers, bag edges and other accessories, and even buy their own connections, and then ask the tailor to do it. If you want to be more image, the tailor is more than one person, the cloth is cut, the stitching is stitched, the edge is wrapped, the button is nailed, and because these tailors are not a mature cooperative team, the final effect of the clothes can be imagined. So this decoration model is suitable for which friends to choose? 1, familiar with the building materials market, the quality of various materials, performance, price have enough understanding; 2, familiar with the decoration process. And can calculate the amount of various materials very accurately; 3, familiar with the decoration process. And familiar with each kind of artisan master; 4, have enough energy and time; 5, willing to suspend work for decoration, and pay rest and recreation time; 6, in understanding a variety of decoration materials at the same time, I am also a bargain master; 7, have the confidence to coordinate the cooperation of the artisans and masters to ensure a variety of decoration details; 8, willing to pay additional costs (such as tobacco, wine, etc.) to the artisans and masters, so that they have a good mood, to ensure that they will work seriously, and treat the various materials I buy well, do not cause redundant waste; 9, do not need to decorate after-sales service. I'm willing to pay someone to fix any problem at my own expense. Friends who choose this decoration model need to pay attention to is: 1, because you want to buy all the materials, if you want to buy more high-quality materials at a more appropriate price, so the effort and time to pay are immeasurable. 2, because too many materials are too complicated, it is easy to ignore many details in the procurement, resulting in regret. 3, if you are not a real professional, only a little knowledge of decorative materials, then it is still easy to purchase low-quality and high-price materials. 4, the same as the half package, due to the small number of materials purchased, naturally can not enjoy lower commodity prices, often higher prices. Although it is not obvious that a certain material is a little more expensive, the final total price is easy to surprise yourself. 5, of course, the division of responsibilities is more than half a package, so once the project quality problems, is the process quality problems or material quality caused, it is easier to correct the confusion. 6, because the material is purchased by the owner, for the artisan master, even if it is wasted, it does not affect their own interests, so it is easy to waste in the construction. 7, the same half package, after the material is left, they can not deal with it, resulting in waste. Solution 1. Take time to replenish your knowledge of the material before you begin; 2, bargaining to be patient, do the corresponding experience reserve and psychological preparation; 3. When signing the contract, estimate the amount of various materials and make a list; 4, only buy 80% of the estimated amount of this material for the first time, so as to avoid waste on the quantity of re-purchase. Living home decoration launched a new model of home improvement - carrying packaging, so that decoration is as simple as buying a bag! Carrying packaging is the inevitable change of the development of home improvement model, one-stop service, so that you completely free from the cumbersome home improvement problems! We do not sell a single service, but to give you a perfect home!