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Why do some perfumes smell like zombies

2018-02-19 12:48:00

Have you ever wanted to try some "alternative" scents outside of your regular perfumes? : To smell like a zombie? Or like a pile of cash just pulled out of an ATM? Take a look at the dishes we introduced to you. Do you have any dishes? You may be a huge fan of the Walking Dead, and you may have seen just about every zombie movie from Night of the Living Dead to Shaun of the Dead, but you don't necessarily want to smell like one. The Scent Library, known for its wide range of scents, has been inspired by the zombie genre to launch two limited-edition perfumes. There are no differences between male and female zombies, but the Scent Library has launched zombie perfumes for men and women that are said to help you survive a disaster. Now that you smell like a zombie, other zombies won't bother you anymore. Men's and women's scents are made from... Are you sure you're ready to hear this? A mixture of dry leaves, mushrooms, moss and earth. In addition, the women's version of the perfume also adds a subtle taste of grape dregs extracted from the bottom of the wine barrel, in order to bring a feminine texture. The word "marijuana" has put people off, let alone owning it. If you want to break free and be different, then definitely try a cannabis-scented perfume. It not only allows you to express your personality, but also gives you a low-key rebellious thrill. Luxury brand Nasomatto launched Black Afgano, the main color of black, so that this neutral perfume more highlights the mysterious temperament. The fragrance is made from India's finest cannabis and is designed to evoke the pursuit of happiness. It costs $185. Penhaligon's Sartorial(meaning sewing in Chinese) perfume, which smells like you've been thrown into a pile of threads. The brand claims it will make you look like you've just stepped out of a tailor at London's famous Savile Row, "bringing the macho scent of sewing machines, needles, wool and fabric." We don't know how the sewing machine expresses the masculine smell, but we were curious about how to combine the metallic and textile smell into one smell, which costs £70. It is said that a Japanese study showed that employees work more positively when they are exposed to the smell of money. Patrick, the creator of the perfume, incorporated the smell of banknotes into Her Money. The notes of fresh paper money are blended with notes of pink grapefruit, citrus, freesia, passion fruit, Hawaiian wedding flowers and melon, so you can feel the "paper notes" balancing the vivid citrus notes without it being too sweet. A men's version, either Her Money or His Money, will also be available at Liquid Money for $35. The design of the bottle is very simple, but the packaging is interesting, and the bottle is stored in a box filled with broken banknotes. Is the "banknote smell" perfume an upgraded version of the "copper smell" pointed out by the literati? Who would like such perfume? Perhaps bankers and coal bosses should give it a try. Are you interested? The Italian perfume brand Blood Concept has launched four gender-neutral fragrances based on blood type: A,B,AB and O. The perfume bottle is an ancient medicine bottle style,iehushkv917 is a drop after unscrewing (the packaging is very similar to SKII a whitening essence from the inside out), rather than the common nozzle packaging of general perfume,40ml. To match a particular blood type, O is made up of thyme, raspberry, sedge, wild rosehip, leather, birch and cedar. 'A' contains green garden, tomato leaves, basil and fennel; 'B' is woody and spicy, with red apple, blackberry, mugwort, pepper, black tea and patchouli; 'AB' is the smell of natural minerals such as aldehydes, aluminium, SLATE, pebbles, lake water and cedar.