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With the river tourism must go to scenic spots guide

2018-03-08 03:12:00

Tongjiang City formerly known as "Linjiang", local name "Lahasu Su", Hezhe language for "ruins" or "old house" meaning, located in the northeast of the province Songhua River and two rivers interchange, north and Russia Jewish Autonomous Oblast, the border is 170 kilometers long. Tongjiang City, the vast territory, fertile soil, beautiful mountains, grass, rich "three flowers and five ro", sturgeon, salmon and other rare fish, known as the "home of fish and rice outside the beluga". Tongjiang is one of the "six small" ethnic groups in China, Hezhen main settlement, has a strong national characteristics of fishing and hunting culture, Jiejinkou tourist scenic spot developed fish skin painting, fish skin clothing and other tourism products.


Best time to travel: Summer is best.


Recommended play days: 1 day.


Local climate: Temperate monsoon climate.


Language: Northeast Chinese.

TOP5 must-see attractions

Songhua River two rivers flow to the same river to form three branches, people are used to call "three", the length of the river is 102 kilometers, the width of the water surface is 1200 meters, the water level difference is 22.3 meters, the maximum flow of 16.600 cubic meters. After the confluence of the two rivers, the water potential increases rapidly, the river is open, looking at the sky, the water is one color, the waves are surging, and the weather is myriad. The third is the battleground of all generations of soldiers, China's Hezhe nationality, Manchu Han army and people have repeatedly beaten Tsarist Russia's aggression here, so it is called "ancient battlefield".


Jiejinkou: Located in the downstream Tongjiang County, 45 kilometers northeast of Tongjiang City, across the river from Russia, is the settlement of Hezhen nationality. Here is the Hezhen people's settlement, tourists can go deep into the local people, appreciate the unique custom of the Hezhen people to fish for a living. Known as the "frontier attractions". Every May to October tourist season. Jiejinkou is a beautiful small mountain village, across the river from Russia, is the Hezhen ethnic settlement. There are beautiful mountains, beautiful scenery and rich natural, cultural and historical landscapes.


Hezhe Ethnic Cultural Village: Located in Hezhe ethnic Township, Jiejin Mountain national forest Park, planning to cover an area of 248,800 square meters, construction began in September 1999, on August 8, 2001, "China Tongjiang first Hezhe Tourism Festival" officially opened, is a national 3A tourist scenic spot and the only Hezhe ethnic cultural village. With the history and culture of the Hezhen nationality as the main body, the scenic spot reproduces the production and life of the Hezhen nationality, religious ceremonies, folk customs and other scenes, and concentrates on displaying the cultural essence of the Hezhen nationality, such as song and dance, fishing and hunting life, fishing and hunting, religious customs, fish eating culture, traditional rap art, and traditional sports competitions. It is now an important tourist attraction.


Honghu Nature Reserve: Located in the hinterland of Sanjiang Province, Tongjiang City and Fuyuan County junction. Honghe National Nature Reserve is a provincial nature reserve approved by the provincial people in 1984, and promoted to national nature reserve by The State Council in 1996. The reserve is a wetland nature reserve mainly designed to protect the wetland ecosystem composed of aquatic, wet and terrestrial organisms and their habitats, as well as rare and endangered animals such as white stork, red-crowned crane, white-naped crane and whooper swan.


Jiejinshan National Forest Park: located 45 kilometers northeast of Tongjiang City, Jiejinkou Hezhen Township. The forest park is rich in vegetation and wildlife. Famous, beautiful, charming scenery. Summer Yang Mei, mountain green water green, Jing elegant scenery, cool climate, is a good place to recuperate summer. Winter ice snow cover, silver-coated, northern scenery, unique, is a good place to skate and enjoy the snow.

Matters needing attention

Plan your time reasonably and pay attention to travel safety.


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