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Yoga for weight loss at night

2018-03-07 09:36:00

Office workers, students do not have time to exercise? Do the following exercises once before going to bed at night, and sleep is also burning fat and helping you sleep.


Yoga mat


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Sit on a yoga mat with your feet together, press down on your back, and press down on your legs. Stretch the internal muscles of your legs for 2 minutes. Split stretch, keeping your back thigh straight and attached to a yoga mat, for 2 minutes each


Side leg lift, pay attention to abdominal force, 2 minutes or 80 times on each leg


Hip bridge, hold for 2 minutes, pay attention to the back, abdomen, buttocks and thighs in a straight line


Pedal the bicycle, hands hold the head slightly raise, pay attention to the abdominal force, pedal 300 times, can be 100 times a group


Position your body at a 30 degree Angle with your yoga mat. Place your hands on your hipbone and cross your legs 150 times. Pay attention to your abdominal force